About the company

Our beginnings

Our solid theoretical and experimental training allows us to approach highly complex projects in an efficient way, quickly detecting the relevant parameters and variables and giving effective solutions to our clients.

Endeavour Ingeniería S.R.L. was founded by Mechanical Engineers graduated from the Balseiro Institute (IB). The highly personalized formation at IB includes experimental work at the high level laboratories of the Bariloche Atomic Center. For this reason, the final graduation thesis represents a concrete contribution to Argentina's science and technological development.
Endeavour's co-founders continued their studies after graduation, achieving the Master of Engineering degree in Argentinean educational system (5-year career for the mechanical engineer degree, plus 2 years for the master of engineering degree).
Endeavour has developed a strong skill as an engineering consultant company by working with INVAP for over 4 years, providing valuable solutions for different productive sectors.

Beginnings whithin Balseiro Institute, National Atomic Energy Committee and INVAP.

Co-founders in 2011, graduation ceremony of Mechanical Engineers at Balseiro Institute.

Our team

Meet the team and co-founders of Endeavour Ingeniería.

Ing. Ezequiel Justiniano Ing. Ezequiel Justiniano
Ezequiel Justiniano

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Design specialist. More information
Ing. José Piracés Ing. José Piracés
José Piracés

Mechanical Engineer

FEM and analysis specialist. More information
Ing. Nicolás Hernández Ing. Nicolás Hernández
Nicolás Hernández

Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineer

Test engineering specialist. More information

Our values

"Endeavour:attempt to achieve an objective by employing effort. This name represents us."

To be committed to our personnel, customers and suppliers, in order to create mutual, enduring value.
To be a responsible company that makes a difference by supporting the growth of sustainable communities.
To be a great place to work.
To have appreciation for the customer's time, aiming to meet deadlines.
Quality: to strive for excellence through continuous improvement.
To accept different point of views, criteria and opinions. We are open to listening, discussing and learning together.
To work towards empowering people and enhancing knowledge, since those are our foundations.


"We seek to be high-tech developers"

To position ourselves as a reliable company of high scientific and technological value, making the difference by meeting our commitments in a timely manner, being a company that works continuously towards bridging the gap between research and industry.

To be a leader company in engineering related to advanced technologies, from project conception, design and manufacturing to the setup of specialized projects.


"To create added value"

To contribute with engineering services and to the development of high quality projects and technical expertise for different productive sectors.
To settle a long-term relationship with our customers, understanding their needs and directing our efforts in improving efficiency.
To add value to different stages of production, based on innovation, development and improvement of advanced technology, expanding our field of knowledge as new challenges arise.
To be enthusiastic in the venture against new challenges, implementing critical analysis.
To encourage the continuous specialization of the teamwork, and the fluent communication with our suppliers and customers.
To take part in social development and environment preservation.

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