Environmental testing

Test specification according to standards. Design, planning, conduction, supervision, and documentation of tests for qualification of components, structures and systems, and characterization of mechanical properties.

Recreating environmental or process conditions enables us to assess how a model behaves under specified parameters, in order to qualify engineering and acceptance test production models. All these test phases are crucial for guaranteeing an item of equipment’s service continuity throughout its lifecycle.

We have conducted tests in the following laboratories:

  • Thermohydraulics laboratory - Bariloche Atomic Center - CNEA.

  • Materials Characterization Laboratory - Bariloche Atomic Center - CNEA.

  • Engineering laboratory - Balseiro Institute - Bariloche Atomic Center - CNEA.

  • Centro de Ensayos de Alta Tecnología (CEATSA).

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Qualification of prototypes and components.

Test specification, conduction and supervision of prototypes and test production models, submitted to mechanical environments such as quasi-static acceleration, vibration and shock:

  • Quasi-static, sine and random vibration tests in shaker.

  • Workmanship test.

  • Tap test and modal tests.

  • Acoustic tests.

  • Endurance and drop-test.


Physical properties characterization.

Test specification, conduction and supervision of flow characterization in closed loop hydraulic circuits:

  • Temperature mapping.

  • Head loss.

  • Pressure and flow rate.

  • Mixing and turbulence.

  • Vibration.


Aerodynamic testing.

Characterization of wing profiles and structures in wind tunnel tests.

  • Lift and drag curves.

  • Stall angle.

Mechanical properties and material characterization.

  • Tensile test: Characterization of modulus of elasticity, yielding strength, ultimate tensile strength.

  • Fatigue test: S-N curve, Paris law.

  • Jominy test: Hardenability of steels.

  • Charpy and Izod impact tests.